This is a story of 3 sisters, Christine, Caroline, and Carine, the 3 Cs... Since we were kids, we dreamt about a shop where we can create and sell handmade, unique, and meaningful items. Years passed and it remained a dream until 2015 when we lost our sister Caroline to lung cancer.

During that time, I (Christine; the first C) was looking for a job that fits with my artistic background and fulfills my aspirations; I am a person who loves Art and Nature, so I studied Fine Arts and got my Masters's degree in 2014 from the Lebanese University. I worked in a gallery for a while where I discovered that I love working with wood. The idea of opening a workshop was clear in my head and I knew that this is what I want to do.

In 2018, I decided to embark on this journey and realized that this was once our common vision and in remembrance of my beloved sister’s soul, I decided to start my own business, offering special and unique items that I make with my soul and heart.

The C³ Sisters Shop was created and made financially possible only through the inheritance of my beloved sister Caroline. This shop is a tribute to her, and to the 3 sisters’ dream coming true.

The shop’s name holds our initials, and the 3Cs became C3 holding exponential power and passion. My angel sister's presence and protection are symbolized by the wing in the emblem.

The C3 Sisters Shop is for art and design lovers who are looking for a one-of-a-kind, handmade, distinctive, customized gift for any special occasion.

Our target is to draw the “Christmas effect” on everyone’s face when they receive a C3 Sisters Shop gift.

Our products are handmade with love, passion, and infinite attention to detail using special natural materials. Every item is exceptional with a useful function and lasting durability. All our items are unique with a special tag and unique serial number.

I always try to give an exceptionally unique experience to my customers, starting from the customization to the handmade and unique packaging with wrapping paper that I personally design and paint. You can always visit our workshop in Okaibeh, Lebanon, or contact us through our website or social media channels to make a special order or request a customized item.

Despite the fact that I enjoy doing design, graphic design, photography, editing, and management, I still have a small team to whom I believe I owe a great deal of gratitude, and without whom I could not have accomplished what I have. First and foremost, Georges Zakhia a friend of mine (CEO of AHEAD Technology & Events), who created the C3 internet site and continues to assist me on a daily basis. My brother Georges Abou Rached (CEO of Flower's Plast) who financially supports me during these difficult times in Lebanon. Carine (the third C) is also a huge help, helping with management, research, and contacting suppliers. Last but not least, my friend Dayane El Zir (Art teacher) who is always willing to help when needed. She's the one I can entrust with the aesthetic side of things, as well as any assistance with orders. Finally, Caroline Abou Rached, my angel, who assists me from above.

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Address: C3 Sisters Shop

Phone/WhatsApp: +96170103699

Email: info(@)c3sistersshop(.)com

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